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    You put in a lot of effort to run your business, and you also work hard to market your company online. So, it can be very annoying when, despite all your best efforts, it's your competitor that ranks well locally. Your competitor is the one that shows up in Google's highly sought-after three-pack.

    It's hard not to bang your head against the wall when that occurs. ?"

    This is why we wrote this blog. An effective local SEO campaign requires a distinct mix of strategies for on-site and off-site ones. We specialize in this kind of work, and we can answer your questions and assist you in achieving the local SEO visibility you want.

    What is a good litmus test to determine whether an SEO agency is good at local SEO?

    That's easy. The agency will describe the details of what they'll do for your business. They'll be able to describe everything in a clear and concise manner and in a way that is understandable. If an agency talks about a proprietary process (or perhaps, even more troubling even an "secret sauce"), then that's not the best agency for you. Speaking with Albuquerque search engine optimization will ensure that you understand what they are doing for you.

    What is the definition of local SEO and what is the difference between its strategies from organic SEO strategies?

    Organic SEO can be a strategy to be highly ranked on search engine results pages for keywords.

    But your local SEO efforts should be focused on getting an excellent position in Google Map's local pack of relevant keywords, especially in one of three listings (the 3-pack) which you can see without clicking on the "More Places" link. For example, if you're an attorney in the city of Jacksonville personal injury attorney, you would want to be listed in the local three-pack listing for this phrase. This is an image from the three-pack:

    Google makes the decision to rank local companies in its local pack.

    To quote Google, "Local results are determined by relevance as well as distance and prominence. These elements are combined to determine the most appropriate match to your search. For example, Google algorithms might decide that a business that's farther away from where you are more likely to offer the items you're looking for than one that's close and rank it higher in local results."

    Here's more information on how Google define these terms:

    Relevance How closely a local listing is in line with what a user is looking for; the more detailed and complete your information about your local area is, the more easily Google can appropriately match you up with potential buyers.

    Distance: when using local search, Google will compare how close a listing is from the location term that is used in a search; If a location term isn't utilized, Google will use what is known about the location

    Prominence is the measure of visibility a company has online. This is a reference to Google reviews and link-building campaigns which increase your authority online.

    What exactly is Google My Business (GMB) and why would I need this if I already have good website?

    Google's GMB tool lets businesses manage their business's information through Google. GMB is free, but it does take time to claim/verify your business listing and to strategically optimize the listing for best SEO consultant in Albuquerque. A 2014 Oxera report from Google discovered that companies who verify their GMB listing are twice more likely to have customers believe they are trustworthy.

    Practicallyspeaking, it means that if someone uses Google Maps to locate your business, they'll have access to the right information within GMB. It includes your address, telephone number as well as hours of operation and other vital details.

    Google My Business is the most effective way to obtain an Google My Business and a website. The information you supply about your company is visible on Google Search and Maps."

    The mere fact that they have more reviews but it's not enough. It's the content in them that is important. GMB pages that contain reviews that include keywords or the name of the city rank better in the local pack.


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